About Us

Hi there! We are rewear, an online store of high quality used branded clothes that tries implementing the ground rules of circular fashion. Let’s get acquainted!

Our brand was founded in 2016 in Ukraine. Since the date of our establishment, we follow a single rule that claims: fast fashion is bad, sustainable is good. We pay all our effort to make online customers worldwide think the same way because we believe that keeping this rule is one of the things that will help to save humanity from the environmental disaster.

Recently, scientists have discovered that shopping for new things may bring more harm to the environment than driving! This is caused by the fact that constant manufacturing of new clothing involves too many resources and brings too many negative consequences. When making new items made of polyester, textile factories use dyes that are toxic both for people and animals. This process cannot leave the environment untouched – water areas and the whole ecosystem suffer from wastes produced by dyeing new clothing. This is a price we need to pay for shopping for new items.

However, rewear offers an alternative way – purchase used high quality brands items. Shopping used clothes doesn’t mean you buy bad products. All items displayed in our online store are produced by famous brands and stored in proper conditions. Be sure, the quality of clothing equals new productions!