What is rewear about?

We’re a Ukrainian online store aiming to provide online customers worldwide with quality second-hand clothing from popular brands.

What do we have in stock?

Our online store offers a variety of options both for men and women. When shopping on our online store, you may come across items suiting for enhancing different looks. Most of the clothing displayed here comes in 4 styles – Classic, Vintage, Outdoor and Casual. The range of items contains top and bottom clothing and accessories, including ties, hats, caps, and others.

Can I be sure that order items will come in proper conditions?

Yes, you don’t need to doubt the quality of displayed items. We follow high standards of checking and storing the pieces of clothing. Any item cannot be added to our assortment before the full check over, during which marked, torn, or fake products are rejected.  

What impacts the postage prices?

The costs of postage services are calculated in correspondence to the following aspects:

1) the delivery destination;

2) the parcel’s weight.

Who provides rewear with all the available productions?

Our e-commerce business cooperates with a wide number of international suppliers operating in the USA, Europe, and Asia. They provide us with all the displayed products.

How long does the shipping process take?

The time when your order is shipped depends on the time you’ve made this order. If the order was placed at the weekend or holiday, it will be shipped the next working day available.

The duration of delivery depends on the chosen shipping method. Standard shipping services around the UK and Europe will take 5-12 days whereas the duration of express services execution is 1-5 days. American shipping will take around 7 days, and world shipping – 10-21 days. Learn more about shipping terms and conditions in our “Shipping” section.      

Which payment methods are available?

Payment for the ordered products and received services might be executed in two ways:

1) via credit or debit card;

2) via electronic wallets.

Our online shop accepts all money transactions executed via major credit cards provider, including Visa and MasterCard. Online customers who prefer paying via electronic wallets may conduct payments using PayPal. Other popular payment systems such as Trustly and PaySera are also acceptable. So you can choose any method you like the most.

Can I get my money back and return the product if I’m not satisfied with its quality?

Yes, the rewear website provides our online clients with the possibility to return inappropriate items within the term of 30 days. You may contact us using the form provided in the “Return Your Order” section. You’ll be required to enter the Order Number and your Email. For more specific information on this topic, please, get acquainted with our Return Policy.

How can I contact you?

All the contact information, helping our clients and potential partners to get in touch with us, is available in the “Contact Us” section. Use any suitable way – by filling an offered form or via Skype. When filling the form, remember to enter the issue you’re interested in. You’re free to contact us if you have any partnership offer as well. Just email us.  

What is included in the process of making orders?

1) Sign up or log in to the website.

2) Find necessary items.

3) Add the chosen items to the cart.

4) Go to the cart and fill the ordering form.

You may also order the products by filling the form directly, without adding offers to your cart. You’ll be required to enter your contact information (email or phone number), address, country, and postcode. You may use a discount code if you have one.

Return Your Order

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the received product and want to get your money back or change it to another item, we ask you to enter the required details into the form you may see below. The returns and refund are available within 30 days of ordering.